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Agriculture Today: It Is What It Is… What Should We Do About It?

Dr. David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech. 

The agricultural economic down turn is in the sixth year and counting.  Razor thin margins combined with increased volatility is the economic environment that most in the industry are facing.  The result is massive changes in the structure of agriculture and rural communities. This session will discuss the assessment of management IQ that often places businesses in the top third or bottom third of profitability.  What are the financial and business management characteristics that you must focus on in planning, strategizing, executing and monitoring for 2019 and beyond?

Consumers and Supermarket Trends: How Will They Impact How We Grow and Produce Food?
Michael Horsch, Horsch Machine, Germany

Michael will bring a visionary world view of how agriculture needs to position itself to not only survive, but thrive in the world of evolving consumer demands.  Being ahead of the curve on not only technology but world markets and a diverse need for food across the globe.  



Nutrient Management for Corn:  N-P-K and S, Pre and Post Applied
Dr. Kurt Steinke, Michigan State University

Your Role in Maximizing the Four Yield Components in Corn: Ear Count, Row Number, Kernel Number, and Kernel Size/Weight
Jeremy Hogan, BASF, Illinois

MSU Corn Research: Nematodes, Cover Crops and Diseases
Dr. Marisol Quintanilla, Dr. Karen Renner, Dr. Marty Chilvers, Michigan State University

Crop, Nutrient and Pest Management

Tillage practices in Europe: What Can We Learn from Each Other? Hear from a man who designs equipment to solve soil issues.
Michael Horsch, Horsch Machines, Germany

Weed Herbicide Resistance, a Local and National Effort
Dr. Christy Sprague and Dr. Erin Burns, Michigan State University

Making Manure Successful for Crop Production
Joe Nester, Nester Ag LLC, Ohio

Biologicals in Agriculture for Increased Yield and Quality
Greg Binford, Wilbur Ellis, Indiana

Precision Placement of Corn, Wheat and Soybeans with One Machine: What is Holding Us Back?
Michael Horsch, Horsch Machines, Germany

Farm Management

Estate and Succession Planning Essentials for Family Farms:  Don’t Procrastinate – Control the Future of Your Farm
Todd Hoppe, Foster Swift Collins & Smith, P.C., Lansing, MI  

Identifying True Cost of Production and Using it in Your Market Planning
Mike North, Commodity Risk Management Group, Wisconsin

Next Generation Farm Programs
Jon Coppess, University of Illinois

New Tax Laws and the Impact on Farmers
Eric Sowatsky, Yeo & Yeo, Saginaw, Michigan

Marketing:  Local and Global

World Market Realities: Global Demand for Corn, Wheat, Soy and Energy
Marty Ruikka, The ProExporter Network, Chelsea, Michigan

Mindset to Manage Commodity Marketing Variables in Today's World
Mike North, Commodity Risk Management Group, Wisconsin

What’s at Stake for Corn in our Complex Global Markets?
Lindsey Erb, U.S. Grains Council, Louisiana

Reaching Consumers

Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Communicating with the Non-Farm Audience
Carla Schultz, Farmer and CommonGround Volunteer, Mayville, Michigan

Environmental Quality

Drainage Water Management: Structural and Agronomic Considerations for Profit and Water Quality
Paul Sweeney, Ecosystem Services Exchange, Minnesota

Addressing Water Quality in Ag Landscapes: The Minnesota Experience with Several Farmer-Based Practices
Dr. Adam Birr, Minnesota Corn


Soybean Research Updates: Plant Populations, Varieties and Soil Drainage
Mark Seamon, Steve Gower, Dr. Steve Safferman

Soybean Cyst Nematode: The #1 Pest and a National Initiative
Dr. Samuel Markell, North Dakota State University, Dr. Martin Chilvers & Dr. Jamie Wilbur, MSU

Soybean Stem and Root Diseases and the Sporecaster Model for White Mold
Dr. Jamie Wilbur & Dr. Martin Chilvers, MSU, Dr. Samuel Markell, NDSU


How We Do t in the Field: Precision Farming in Real Time
Farmers: Mike Houghtaling, Jason Stegink, Jeff Sandborn

Taking VRT Data and Validating It for Profit
Mike Wilson, VERITAS, Ontario


Wheat: Place and Potential for Growth Regulators and Nutrients
Martin Nagelkirk, MSU & Kurt Steinke, MSU

How does Germany Push 200 Bushel Wheat? Learn from a Panel Who Visited the Fields
Dennis Pennington, MSU, Mike Milligan, producer, Jeff Krohn, Ag consultant

MSU Wheat Research: Diseases, Varieties and Soil Fertility
Mikaela Breunig, John Turkus, & Seth Purucker, Michigan State University          

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