Soybean checkoff research: planting agronomics and fertility

Date: 1/25/23
Time: 2:30 PM

Room/Location: Swan Creek
Speakers: Dr. Kurt Steinke, Dr. Maninder Singh

Fertilizing soybeans: yes, no, or maybe? – Dr. Kurt Steinke, MSU

In this session, Dr. Steinke will discuss some recent practices and data in soybean, including starter fertilizer, pre-season and in-season nitrogen, and some P, K, and S practices to better understand how plants may respond under certain environmental and soil conditions.

Soybean planting date and management interactions – Dr. Maninder “Manni” Singh, MSU

The past few growing seasons have brought many weather-related challenges as well as opportunities to Michigan soybean growers. Variability in spring rainfall has led to a wide range of planting dates implemented by growers. However, information is lacking on how various soybean management practices should be adjusted based on planting time, and will benefit growers by maximizing the benefits of early-season soybean planting while mitigating losses from delayed planting. This presentation will focus on management strategies that can lead to increased yield and reduced input costs while also minimizing production risks, ultimately resulting in improved farmer profitability.

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