Harnessing technology to boost the bottom line with conservation 

Date: 1/26/23
Time: 9:15 AM

Room/Location: Three Fires
Speakers: Rich Price and Fahimeh Baziari, Michigan State University; Marc Hasenick, Hasenick Brothers Farm

Low-yielding areas are not only a financial burden on the farm enterprise, but also an ecological burden on the environment. This session will demonstrate the use of precision agriculture technologies to visualize the spatial variability of cropping yields and provide insight on crop profitability when integrated with econometrics like input costs and grain price. Producers are given an opportunity to reduce their financial loss and improve their fields’ biodiversity by visualizing profit and loss in dollars per acre at a high spatial resolution. We will introduce how to establish and maintain unprofitable sections of the field with alternative land uses, such as native plants, to improve the fields’ biodiversity. Examples will be provided from a farmer’s perspective on using precision technology by incorporating native plants that have enhanced farming operations.

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