Effectiveness of nitrogen stabilizers based on three years’ worth of unbiased, on-farm research trials

Date: 1/25/23
Time: 1:30 PM

Room/Location: Swan Creek
Speakers: Heather Rindler and Rob McGuire, Brookside Labs

Brookside Labs received a Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) to conduct field trials that test the effectiveness of enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) products such as nitrogen stabilizers and inhibitors. Stabilizers and inhibitors can reduce nitrogen losses to water and air when appropriately used. Brookside Labs and the Amplify Network started conducting stabilizer field trials in 2020. The stabilizer products we have been looking at are NServe, BD NTrust, Centuro, and Instinct. We strive to collect high-quality data that is usable and applicable to the farmer. The field trials are set up in a way that would be attainable for a farmer to implement. While conducting these trials, we have learned the effectiveness of stabilizers and the best ways to collect data to make profitable adaptive management decisions. This grant has also provided us with the opportunity to educate crop advisors and farmers about how to collect quality data and make adaptive management changes that will improve efficiencies and profitability in nitrogen fertilizers and other management practices.

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