Paul Jasa, Extension Engineer, University of Nebraska

Paul Jasa, Extension Engineer with the University of Nebraska, develops and conducts educational programs related to crop production that improve profitability, build soil health, and reduce risks to the environment.  He received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Nebraska and has been working with planting equipment and tillage system evaluation at the University since 1978.  Over the years, he has worked with soil and water conservation, residue management, crop rotations, and, more recently, cover crops and soil health. With Paul’s experiences gained from research and Extension activities, he has become one of the best sources of information in the Midwest on no-till planting equipment and system management to protect and build the soil.  Paul admits, if there is a mistake to be made with no-till, he’s either made it himself or has seen it done.  More importantly, he has learned from those mistakes and shares that information in presentations that stress the systems approach and the long-term benefits of continuous no-till.

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