Mitchell Hora, Founder/CEO, Continuum Ag

Mitchell Hora is a 7th generation Iowa farmer and the Founder/CEO of Continuum Ag, a soil health software company.  The Hora family has used no-till since 1978 and cover crops since 2013 and have realized great profit impact from stabilized yields and reduced input costs. Mitchell started Continuum Ag to take soil health systems and data to the masses.  Today, Continuum Ag focuses on Carbon Intensity scoring, wholistic farm data, and enabling their network to tap into tax credit opportunities and sustainability programs. The team has grown to 27 people and their customer footprint spans 43 states and 20 countries. For his efforts, Mitchell has been named to the Forbes Under 30 list, Ag Grad 30 Under 30 List, and is a National Association of Conservation Districts Soil Health Champion.

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